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PetYeti is a revolutionary, Australia-wide online Pet portal and Vet directory.

With over 55% of all bookings made outside of office hours and 19% coming from new customers it’s vital Vets are online to retain existing customers and acquire new ones.

PetYeti is booking software, a client marketing and communication tool, with more to come.

Developed by the team behind the MyHealth1st health portal, with over 5,000 sites nationally, 10,000 appointment calendars and more than 5 million appointments booked to date, you know you’re in good hands!

How does PetYeti help your practice?


Get new patients easily

Put your practise in front of thousands of new customer searching for veterinary appointments every week.

Keep your patients satisfied

Let new and existing customers book with you online 24/7. They’ll be happier and more likely to recommend you.

Save money, make money

Fill empty appointment slots, prevent patients being lost on busy phone lines and avoid significant front-desk costs.

Online appointments

Attract new patients and delight your existing ones.

We are passionate about improving patient care and experience.

Our online appointments enable early intervention, are uniquely designed to support continuity of care and to encourage good patient choices.

The convenience of online booking is as attractive to existing patients as it is to new ones – why waste valuable time searching for new patients when PetYeti can get them searching for you, 24/7?

What’s more, because PetYeti works seamlessly with your existing Practice Management System, it means you’ll never miss someone searching for an appointment. We integrate seamlessly with RxWorks, CHSVET, EzyVet & OpenVPMS with many others coming soon.

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Easy recalls

Traditional recall methods incur high direct costs and an even higher staff labour cost – including posting letters by staff already busy on phone lines. Sending an EasyRecall campaign takes just moments and costs a fraction of traditional recall methods.

Often patients receive a recall notice and think, “I should do something about that,” however the involvement needed to call and book is often too high for the time and place, or the message is received outside of practice hours. EasyRecall removes the barriers by allowing your patients to book with your practice instantly, anywhere, any time, day or night.

Many practices have owner contact details that haven’t been updated since their first visit – but did you know over 30% of Australian’s change their email address every year. EasyRecall encourages owners to confirm or update their email address and contact information when booking their appointment, giving you the most up-to date details.

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Seamlessly integrated into your practice

Whether you use RxWorks, CHS Vet or OpenVPMS, you can keep your current front-desk workflow while also taking appointments online.

Plus, our partnership with the Australian Veterinary Association let's you rest assured we're all in this together to build stronger practices and healthy pets across the country.

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  • Over 10,000 appointment calendars

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  • 5,000,000 appointments booked to date

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